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What is a Braeburn?

Literally speaking, a Braeburn is a variety of apple. In this sense however, it's an elegant, electricity free, CNC milled aluminum dock for your iPhone, iPad, and other devices. Designed with an integrated acoustic waveguide amplifier, it makes your iPhone and iPad louder, without any electricity.

All Aluminum, Unibody Construction
No expense was spared in the design of the Braeburn. The latest in Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Computer Aided Machining (CAM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology were utilized to produce a product with a fit and finish unheard of in this industry.

Auricle Waveguide Cavity
By incorporating an electricity free, acoustic amplifier into the underside of the dock, we took advantage of every cubic millimeter of material we could, sparing no details. The result... a speaker dock made for every lifestyle.

Designed with portability and various lifestyles in mind, each product was thoughtfully created to become part of your every day life. Whether it's hanging out by the campfire with your favorite tunes, doing dishes to your favorite podcast, or the play by play of your favorite team at the office, every day activities will never be the same.

Designed & Manufactured in California
Braeburn Acoustics products were all Designed, Tested & Manufactured in Newbury Park, California by people who use their devices every day and care as much about the look as they do the sound.